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Hello. My name is Alex Zhurakovskyi. At the moment, I am a research assistant at the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol. I received my DPhil degree from the University of Oxford in 2014, and worked at Harvard University in 2014-2015 before moving back to the UK.

My professional focus is in the areas of science and education. I have also keen interest in politics and economics: while in Oxford, I have been involved in running the Oxford University Ukrainian Society and this sparkled my interest in the matter. As I like to joke, one needs to be informed before having an opinion, and thus I read a lot on political economy trying to make sense of the world.

Paul Graham wrote in his famous Age of the Essay that one of the reasons to write essays is to think through, and spell out, your thoughts which would otherwise lie dormant. There are many of these in my drafts. And thus this blog was born.

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