Chemistry Links

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Lab Manuals

Not Voodoo

Chemtips (achive)

Trauner Group Handbook


Amphoteros (Prof. Yudin)

Blog-Syn (archive)

B.R.S.M. (archive)

Chemtips (achive)

Henry Rzepa

Just Like Cooking

Master Organic Chemistry

NMR Blog (archive)

Open Flask (Baran Lab)

Synthetic Remarks (archive)

Seminar Handouts

Baran Lab

Burke Lab

Synthesis Literacy Group (Columbia)

Denmark Lab

Evans Lab

Kanai Lab

Myers Lab Handouts

MacMillan Lab

Stoltz Lab


Christina White Organometallic Lecture Notes

Organometallic Lecture Notes

Organometallic Reader

Biomedical & Life Sciences Lectures

Harvard CHEM106: Advanced Organic Chemistry

Harvard CHEM206: Organic Chemistry

MIT OpenCourseWare Chemistry

Wisconsin Chem605: NMR


Chemistry by Design

Evans Problems

Sarpong Lab


Fukuyama Lab

Total Syntheses and Named Stuff

Hans Reich Total Synthesis Collection

Named Glassware

Named Reactions on


Total Syntheses on

Tables, Collections, and Databases


Bond Energies

Periodic Table

Evans pKa Table

IUPAC GoldBook

IUPAC Nomenclature

Solvent Properties

Hans Reich Organic Chemistry Tables

Organic Reactions Wiki

SDBS NMR Data­base

HRMS Peak Finder

Chemistry Soft and Databases






Web of Science

Important Papers

Flash Chromatography

Reverse-Phase Vacuum Chromatography

NMR Impurities (2010)

NMR Impurities (2016)

NMR Multiplet Analysis

NMR Multiplet Analysis: Part II

NMR to Structure Protocol

Measuring Yields and Ratios

Ideal Synthesis

Protecting Group Free Synthesis

Public Speaking and Grant Writing

Seminar on Seminars

"How to Turn A “Good” Proposal Into An “Excellent” Proposal"

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