MSDS at the Chemistry Reference Resolver

TL;DR: use "msds [cas-number]" or "sds [cas-number]" to access MSDS for a compound

MSDS at the Chemistry Reference Resolver

I think the vast majority of people use my Chemistry Reference Resolver to resolve article references. But it also supports searching the Sigma-Aldrich website (try "sa sodium chloride"), Espacenet patent database ("patent WO2008014520") or simply do DOIs ("DOI 10.1021/jo1006812" or even "10.1021/jo1006812"). Whenever I have a need for repeated access to some chemistry reference, I add it to the Resolver. Of course, the same applies to everyone else: if you think something should be implemented at the Resolver, I am open to suggestions.

Several weeks ago, I have received a request to resolve material safety data sheets (MSDS). This is something that has been in the air for a while but I never managed to implement it. I simply could not find a decent open-access MSDS database. The existing solutions either required registration (meh!) or were grossly incomplete. Luckily, the person who requested MSDS resolving also gave me a link to a really nice website (thanks, Johno!).

It is called ChemBlink and it just works. Give it a CAS number – and you have a selection of direct links to SDS sheets from various supppliers. Yay! The only downside is that it does not work with names – only CAS numbers.

Scripting the Resolver to support ChemBlink took a bit of effort, since the latter requires the form to be sent via a POST request. To put it simply, instead of generating a direct link, the Resolver has to create a dummy page that automatically submits itself to ChemBlink and redirects the user. Not very elegant but it works.

Simply type "msds 541-41-3" – and voila! You're there.

If something does not work as expected, feel free to let me know.

UPD 10.06.17 A user has suggested to implement the "correct" term, SDS, for this kind of resolving. Done!

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