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OADOI Resolving

Chemistry Reference Resolver can now work with oaDOI – just prefix your DOI search with the word "oadoi":

oaDOI at the Chemistry Reference Resolver

What is oaDOI? As the abbreviation suggests, this is a service that searches for open access research articles. Even if a specific publication is behind a paywall, it could still have a (legally) free version, for example, a preprint. oaDOI keeps an extensive database of such open access resources.

The oaDOI website does not have a search field per se but rather provides developer tools to create one's own extensions (one for Safari). It has been suggested to me (hi, Chris!) to implement oaDOI at the Chemistry Reference Resolver.

Today, I rolled out a beta-version of oaDOI resolving. Simply prepend your doi string with the word "oadoi" and press Enter.

oaDOI at the Chemistry Reference Resolver

Try yourself.

I am keen to know users responce: whether this option is useful at all and whether anyone needs a semi-permanent oaDOI resolver (e.g. always try an open access version for any reference). Please let me know what you think, either here or on Twitter/Facebook)!